Meet The Pixies

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Bobbie B. 

Owner, Creator
Bachelor of Science – Biology – 1994
Certified Journeyman Landscape Gardener – 2003
Landscape Industry Certified Technician – 2004

The Queen Pixie:  Bobbie has the ability to see the potential of any garden.  With her Garden-Vision power she can look beyond any overgrown, weed-infested garden and see the potential of it’s true beauty.  She also uses her powers to develop her Pixies and unleash their individual powers for the good of all! In addition to Pixie Gardens, Bobbie loves spending time with her son, her family and many friends.

Bobbie Beddoes created Pixie Gardens Inc. in 2003. She brings many years of gardening and horticulture experience to her work. Her education and experience enables her to make good choices for clients’ gardens.  Bobbie and her team work with each clients’ needs to create an enchanting outdoor environment; each with different styles and needs. Every pixie garden is approached differently.





Residential Gardens Manager

Bachelor of Science, Earth Science – 2012
Landscape Industry Certified Technician – 2013
Certified Journeyman Landscape Gardener – 2015

The Bionic Pixie:  Alex was born with a data chip and a robotic arm.  These attributes give him the ability to handle buckets of data and accomplish his tasks at amazing pixie speed.  Perhaps a relative of the Flash, he seems to be wherever he is needed within 20 minutes or less.

When taking a break from the Pixie realm, Alex enjoys volunteering with Habitat for Humanity and taking in as much music as possible. 

Alex Phillips has been with Pixie Gardens since 2009, starting as a crew member and soon leading a crew of his own. He has seen our clients’ gardens evolve and grow. He has appreciated the opportunity to apply his care and creativity in the field. He loves the chance to provide leadership, design and hard work, all while increasing his technical knowledge and skills.


Seasonal Containers Manager

Education – year

The Floralicous Pixie: Her magical powers originate with her superb eye for design – given to her by Mother Nature herself.  By applying her Floralicious Charms, her flowerpots seem to blossom with astounding perfection. As effortless as a nose wiggle, she gets all her notes and flowers organized into a pixie-perfect plan – ready for delivery.

Outside of the Pixie realm she 

.. has been a Pixie since 2020. 


Community Gardens Manager

The Flower-Power Pixie: Rosalyn applies her magical powers on a community scale.  She uses her pixie dust to create brilliant colour palettes in containers and flowerbeds, bringing pride to the community’s residents. With shear wizardry, Ros can sense the weather and orchestrate the perfect watering schedule for all the glamourous creatures we like to call annuals.

When not spreading magic pixie dust around Calgary communities, Ros loves to try her hand at crafts such as embroidery and hanging mobiles. With her husband, Neal, she loves to go on travelling adventures.

Rosalyn Astell has been with Pixie Gardens since 2018.  Her experience as a project coordinator in many fields and love for plants is what drives her. She enjoys working with members of the community to give bright, bold and blooming beds and containers throughout the season. She puts focus on Calgary’s unique growing zones and weather to offer the best suited plants for Calgary communities.



Office Manager, Bookkeeper

 The Order-Keeping Pixie:  Jackie’s magical voice is the first one you will hear when you call into our office.  Clients, vendors and staff are instantly placed under the Pixie spell.  She was born with the power of multi-tasking.  Her mastery of this power allows Jackie to keep track of all the Pixies and clients alike.

When not focussing on Pixie Gardens, you will find Jackie using her magical powers on her husband, Gerry, and their 4 children.  Jackie and her family love to camp and hang out with friends and family.

Jackie Goertzen has been with Pixie Gardens since 2019.  She manages the bookkeeping and office tasks with professionalism and wisdom.



All staff are hired and trained to be detail-oriented and deliver excellent customer service. 


We create a continuous learning environment as part of our company culture.


Professional Pixies approach every project as an opportunity to curate a personalized garden or floral design for you.


Our lead gardeners have advanced training and/or experience. Our crew members are “pixies-in-training” and always work under the guidance of a knowledgeable staff member.