Pixie Management Team

Bobbie B. 

Owner, Creator
Bachelor of Science – Biology – 1994
Certified Journeyman Landscape Gardener – 2003
Landscape Industry Certified Technician – 2004

The Queen Pixie:  Bobbie has the ability to see the potential of any garden.  With her Garden-Vision power she can look beyond any overgrown, weed-infested garden and see the potential of it’s true beauty.  She also uses her powers to develop her Pixies and unleash their individual powers for the good of all! In addition to Pixie Gardens, Bobbie loves spending time with her son, her family and many friends.

Bobbie Beddoes created Pixie Gardens Inc. in 2003. She brings many years of gardening and horticulture experience to her work.


Residential Gardens Manager

Bachelor of Science, Earth Science – 2012
Landscape Industry Certified Technician – 2013
Certified Journeyman Landscape Gardener – 2015

The Bionic Pixie: Alex was born with a data chip and a robotic arm. These attributes give him the ability to handle buckets of data and accomplish his tasks at amazing pixie speed. Perhaps a relative of the Flash, he seems to be wherever he is needed within 20 minutes or less.

When taking a break from the Pixie realm, Alex enjoys getting outside as much as possible while hiking.  Alex Phillips has been with Pixie Gardens since 2009, starting as a crew member and soon led a crew of his own. He has been overseeing our residential garden crews as operations manager since 2018 and has seen our clients’ gardens evolve and grow.


Office Manager, Bookkeeper

The Intuitive Pixie:  Jackie’s magical voice is the first one you will hear when you call into our office.

Clients, vendors and staff are instantly placed under the Pixie spell.  She was born with the power of multi-tasking.  Her mastery of this power allows Jackie to keep track of all the Pixies and clients alike.

When not focussing on Pixie Gardens, you will find Jackie using her magical powers on her husband, Gerry, and their 4 children.  Jackie and her family love to camp and hang out with friends and family.

Jackie has been with Pixie Gardens since 2019.  She manages the bookkeeping and office tasks with professionalism and wisdom.

Eszter Gorombey

The Dazzler Pixie:  Eszter’s ability to combine plants and colors to achieve eye-pleasing displays throughout the season is awe-inspiring and lifts community spirits.  Eszter has been with Pixie Gardens since the summer of 2020.

Coming from a technical theatre/stage design background in the midst of the pandemic, she found she enjoyed being outside, surrounded by plants, and getting her hands dirty a little bit more. She started as a crew member and throughout the seasons she’s growing into our Community Gardens Manager. She loves designing, organizing projects, and maintaining the spring and winter displays in the seven communities that we care for.

When not gardening, Eszter loves to read, head out to the mountains, spend time with loved ones, and craft- specifically cross stitch, punch needle and paint.