Global Stewardship Commitment

Part of our company vision is to increase our stewardship of our land. Every year Pixie Gardens takes another baby step or two towards reducing our footprint on our wonderful earth. Below are a few steps we have taken so far:


Our office (3 used storage containers) has a grid-tie-in solar array. Our cold frame is outfitted with an off-grid solar array to power our cooling fans.

PIXIE solar close

Sustainable Operational Practices

We minimize our fuel consumption through efficient scheduling (minimizing drive time) and carpooling. We are phasing out our gas-powered small equipment in lieu of electric blowers and trimmers.

For our fall clean-ups, we prefer to mulch the leaves and leave them on the beds (as opposed to hauling them to our compost pile) to naturally decompose in the beds, returning the nutrients to the soil.  When we do need to haul organic debris out of our clients’ gardens we take it to a compost pile where it eventually is used for sustainable agricultural practices.

We recycle and/or reuse almost all the plastic pots from our annual season.

As we adopt more digital platforms in both our field operations and administration, we go more paperless every year.

entrance CRRA Aug 22

Our Client Gardens

While we agree summer would not be summer without the beauty and season long color that annuals give us.  We believe that we can replace more and more annuals with drought tolerant and showy shrubs and perennials.  Every year we help our clients find a new balance of annuals, perennials and shrubs.

Our Seasonal Client Planters

For our summer planters, we promote self-watering planters with drought tolerant plants to reduce the amount of water our displays need.

For our spring, fall, winter displays, we work each year to use fewer plastic/silk baubles, which will eventually end up in landfills.  We use more locally harvested, dried elements that can eventually be composted.

Kirker Spring 2021
Scenic Acres summer Aug 2022
Brix fall pots 2022

Winter Planters:  Bough Harvesting Program 

Rather than ordering our winter greens from the forests of BC and beyond, we source healthy spruce or pine trees that are destined for removal (to allow more light in your house, trees grew too big, clear space for a new addition, etc.) from residential yards in Calgary.

We remove trees to harvest the boughs from October to Mid-November every year.  If you live in the NW quadrant of Calgary and have a tree that would suit our program, please contact us.

Winter CK 2023
winter RC 2023

Repurposing unwanted local evergreens into our clients’ winter planters!

Rain-wise Front Gardens

While more of a pet project than a main part of our business, we take joy in helping clients use natural precipitation in their gardens more thoughtfully.  Rain and snowmelt travel off our roofs, across our yards, onto our streets, through our stormwater system and finally into our rivers.  As it travels it picks up herbicides, oils and other city elements that harm our fish and aquatic environments.  By reducing the amount of untreated water entering the storm drains, less surface pollutants enter our rivers.  By capturing more of the rainwater, flooding and erosion issues are also reduced.   By using natural rainwater for our garden plants, we reduce our water usage.

Rain-wise Front Gardens

Slowing the flow of water from a downspout so that it can be deeply absorbed into the root zone (and diverted from the city stormwater system).

Sustainability is also developing and contributing to our community

Some of the organizations to which we have donated gardening time:

Olds College Botanical Gardens

KOAC Art Center

Ronald McDonald House

Hull Services