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Our Standard Garden Maintenance Package

Scheduled on weekly/biweekly or monthly rotations

Spring Clean Up (March/April):
mulching and/or removal of lead debris** accumulated over the winter, pruning summer flowering shrubs, cutting back perennials and grasses, edging and grooming beds, removing early weeds.

Regular Seasonal Maintenance (May – September): 
weeding, edging, pruning/hedge trimming, staking, minor transplanting, basic container care, grooming beds, monitor bed moisture (as required).

Fall Clean Up (October):
mulching and/or removal of leaf debris**, cutting back necessary perennials, final weeding and grooming of beds, amending garden soil for optimal health of all plants in your garden.

Client green bins are filled first. Excess debris to be removed to our compost facility.

** Leaf debris may be mulched and added back to beds to enhance soil structure. 

Garden Enhancement Options

Pansy Installation (late April/Early May)

Extend your flower season by adding pansies for early colour in your beds.

Bedding Plant Installation (late May/early June)

Design selection and installation of annual bedding plants for season-long colour.

Fall Services

Fall Bulb Planting (late September/early October)

Plant some tried and true fall bulbs for early colour next spring


Bed Amendment Application (late September/October)

* Routine Compost and or Mulch top ups helps improve soil conditions and adds naturally occurring fertilizers and nutrients for good plant growth. 

 Recommended frequency about every 3 years

Additional Fertilization Programs
Tree and Shrub Fertilization Program – spring application
Optimal Rose Fertilization Program – spring and mid season applications
Fall Bonemeal Program – for your peonies and clematis

Garden Maintenance Photos

Service areas:  West Calgary, west of Calgary, Inner city

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